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What We've Found


Would You Give Yourself an "A"?

High performing businesses anticipate change and respond quickly to shifts in markets and customer needs.  There is an energy you can feel in these companies.  Average performers often miss targets and are frequently surprised.  How does your business stack up?

(A) Always               (B) Sometimes, but ...             (C) We operate differently and…


 * Do you….

    • Routinely and face-to-face speak with employees, customers, suppliers to understand their points of view and share your expectations with them?

    • Identify distributed leaders throughout the organization and enable them with coaching and authority to make the daily adjustments that ensure organization success?

    • Engage a third party to survey customer satisfaction … especially ex-customers?

    • Communicate a clear vision so everyone knows where you want to be, and when?


 * Have you…

    • Published and lived by a set of values that define how the organization works?
    • Identified the passionate, innovative people (the keepers), challenged them with stretch assignments, and recognized and rewarded their successes?

    • Published meaningful measures and metrics to plot performance against goals?

    • Coached poor performers to improve and separated with dignity those who do not?


 * Are you…

    • Living the characteristic you seek in subordinates including energy, innovation, accessibility, optimism, clear thinking, and perseverance?

    • Building-in continuity at critical positions by mentoring succession candidates?

    • Recruiting and nurturing the best people to constantly raise the performance bar?


What We’ve Found: Companies that consistently out-perform their peers engage the energies of their people, query and listen to their customers and suppliers, and continuously raise the bar of performance expectations.

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