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Change is Opportunity


All change is painful.  But for businesses to be successful in this dynamic economy, change is a fact of life.  Helping you take advantage of a changing environment to grow your organization is what Gateway Management Group is all about.

Some of the most common causes of pain during change include:
  • Pressure of Short-Term Expectations
  • Fear of Failing
  • Instability
  • Confusion / Misunderstanding
  • Short-Term Decline in Productivity
  • Customer / Employee / Stakeholder anxiety

And change is typically caused by:

New Leaders

  • The leaderís learning curve
  • New style and approach
  • Relationships between leader and subordinates

New Organization

  • Acquisition
  • Merger
  • Divestiture
  • Downsizing
New Business Environment
  • Customers  (Changed demographics, emerging markets)
  • Concepts  (Supply chain management, bundling product and service outsourcing)
  • Technology  (Streamlined production processes)
  • Competition (New products, lower prices)
  • Suppliers  (New materials needed, changed pricing)
  • National and World Events  (Dot-Com meltdown, September 11 events)

New Processes


External examples

  • New Supply Chain or new parameters on the existing supply chain
  • E-Commerce including B2B and B2C
Internal examples

  • Integrated Measures and Metrics
       Balanced score card, Compensation, Incentives
  • Technology
      New manufacturing process that reduces cost and expands capacity
      Information technology initiatives
      New communication channels


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