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     Building World-Class Organizations

Core Competencies

Leadership Development ... .

"Preparation of
  new leaders and
  those with new   responsibilities"

  • Assess leadership abilities and needs of senior team members

  • Identify champions for change

  • Identify what the organization rewards and punishes in the present culture

  • Identify leaders’ communications challenges

  • Counsel on alternative approaches to new responsibilities, scope changes, and employee culture


  • Assist in vision development, team building, and successor development  

  • Feedback on expectations, fears, and new initiatives

  • Individualized coaching in professional, physical, and life style balance

Transformation Planning and Implementation ..

"Partnering with
  leaders to design
  successful change"

  • Review of strategic business objectives and critical processes


  • Assist in the development of organization design alternatives for preparation, bridge, and steady-state phases


  • Assess staff and customer (member) alignment and satisfaction as a tool in the development of new services and a detailed implementation strategy


  • Propose management process to facilitate transformation execution, including valid and objective metrics for tactical changes and celebration


  • Coach all leaders during implementation

Team Building . .

"Tools and Skills
  to help organi-
  zations reduce
  associated with

  • Executive Search to recruit for key positions including profile and compensation package development, interview and negotiation coaching


  • Assist in identifying the means and messages to increase effective 360°, multi-media communications


  • Coaching stability by codifying and disseminating values, integrating new team members, retaining the right people


  • Partnering to develop valid and objective measures, metrics, and rewards and recognition programs to identify and maintain organization alignment


  • Executive Outplacement to affect a timely, cost-effective, high-quality career transition of key employees, including review of severance package, communications preparation, and coaching for remaining direct reports.


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